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Collegiate Licensed Clear Bags

Small Crossbody - Arizona State University
Large Crossbody - Arizona State University
Carryall Tote - Arizona State University
Small Crossbody - Auburn University
Large Crossbody - Auburn University
Carryall Tote - Auburn University
Small Crossbody - Baylor University
Large Crossbody - Baylor University
Carryall Tote - Baylor University
Small Crossbody - Clemson University
Large Crossbody - Clemson University
Carryall Tote - Clemson University
Small Crossbody - Colorado State University
Large Crossbody - Colorado State University
Carryall Tote - Colorado State University
Small Crossbody - Florida State University
Large Crossbody - Florida State University
Carryall Tote - Florida State University
Small Crossbody - Florida State University, Gold
Large Crossbody - Florida State University, Gold Logo
Small Crossbody - Georgia Southern University
Large Crossbody - Georgia Southern University
Carryall Tote - Georgia Southern University
Small Crossbody - Georgia Tech
Large Crossbody - Georgia Tech
Carryall Tote - Georgia Tech
Small Crossbody - Iowa State University
Large Crossbody - Iowa State University
Carryall Tote - Iowa State University
Small Crossbody - Kansas State University
Large Crossbody - Kansas State University
Carryall Tote - Kansas State University
Small Crossbody - Louisiana State University (LSU)
Large Crossbody - Louisiana State University (LSU)
Carryall Tote - Louisiana State University (LSU)
Small Crossbody - Mississippi State University
Large Crossbody - Mississippi State University
Carryall Tote - Mississippi State University
Small Crossbody - North Carolina State University
Large Crossbody - North Carolina State University
Carryall Tote - North Carolina State University
Small Crossbody - Northwestern
Large Crossbody - Northwestern
Carryall Tote - Northwestern
Small Crossbody - Oklahoma State University
Large Crossbody - Oklahoma State University
Carryall Tote - Oklahoma State University
Small Crossbody - Oregon State University
Large Crossbody - Oregon State University
Carryall Tote - Oregon State University
Small Crossbody - Pennsylvania State University
Large Crossbody - Pennsylvania State University
Carryall Tote - Pennsylvania State University
Small Crossbody - Southeastern Louisiana University
Small Crossbody - Texas A&M University
Large Crossbody - Texas A&M University
Carryall Tote - Texas A&M University
Small Crossbody - Texas Christian University (TCU)
Large Crossbody - Texas Christian University (TCU)
Carryall Tote - Texas Christian University (TCU)
Small Crossbody - Texas Tech University
Large Crossbody - Texas Tech University
Carryall Tote - Texas Tech University
Small Crossbody - The University of Alabama
Large Crossbody - The University of Alabama
Carryall Tote - The University of Alabama
Small Crossbody - University of Alabama Birmingham
Large Crossbody - University of Alabama Birmingham
Carryall Tote - University of Alabama Birmingham
Small Crossbody - University of Arizona
Large Crossbody - University of Arizona
Carryall Tote - University of Arizona
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